Superdrug – The super vegan friendly brand

I’ve always known Superdrug to be one of the stores you can find on ANY highstreet – it’s a staple cosmetics go-to and whilst I would never rave about shopping there, I was happy to pick up the odd item when I was in town. But recently, that opinion completely changed when I discovered that the vast majority of Superdrug’s own brand products were not only cruelty free but also vegan! Since I can remember I’ve always known Superdrug’s own products to be cruelty free because of the leaping bunny logo, but it wasn’t until a recent visit to the store when I looked a little more closely that I discovered written on the back were the words “Suitable for vegetarians and vegans” – My heart gave a little leap of joy and like a crazed woman I started to check the packaging on ALL of Superdrug’s own brand products.


In my last blog post I wrote about the difference between cruelty free and vegan products, and ended it with a statement about becoming friendly with online shopping as I had struggled to find my ideal cosmetics on the highstreet. Thank goodness Superdrug has proved me wrong! My nearest store is literally 5 minutes away, which means I am 5 minutes away from products which don’t contain animal by-products, animal derived ingredients or have been tested on animals! (If you can’t hear the joy in my voice as I type this, I assure you, it’s real!) I am now on a personal journey to stock and replace every item of make-up, shampoo, hairspray, toothpaste and moisturiser to Superdrug’s own brand products.


Trust me, I checked the entire store and every item in it – not every single product stated that it was vegan but I believe that Superdrug are on their way to making this a reality in the future, and guys, great news – their male products were also on their way to being vegan! I don’t have any males in my household so there are no pictures of beard oil, but it was available!

Every item you can see pictured in this post, except the Optimum Moisturiser, cost less than £5.00. The moisturiser was from their premium skin care range but it still cost less than £10.00! And their B. range of make-up is something which my dreams are of – I heard a fact once that you eat something like 50-70% of the lipstick you put on, which when you think about what your lipstick might be made from, is actually pretty gross. In the top picture you can see the brand new lipstick I treated myself to, at least this way if I end up eating it I know I’m not eating anything from an animal!


Knowing that the products which come into contact with my skin have no connection to animals in any way is really important to me, and I think the best bit about vegan products is that all of the ingredients are natural, which generally goes hand-in-hand with them also being free from preservatives and other nasties. For me, it’s a win-win situation.

So next time you’re in town, pop in to your local Superdrug and have a look around – you might just find your next moisturiser for less than a tenner!


3 thoughts on “Superdrug – The super vegan friendly brand

  1. Hey! I am also in the process of switching to vegan and cruelty free products so it’s lovely to find new blogs who are doing the same. Also what shade is the lipstick in? It’s gorgeous! xx


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